Nov 16 | Sarah Reich & Casey Abrams Jazz Band

Angela Peralta Theatre | 7 P.M.
Mesones #82, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

* Prices are in Mexican Pesos. *

PLATEA $770 Tickets at Angela Peralta Theatre box office
LUNETA $660 Tickets at Angela Peralta Theatre box office
PALCO $550 Tickets at Angela Peralta Theatre box office
GALERIA $440 Tickets at Angela Peralta Theatre box office

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Sarah Reich (Performer, Choreographer, Instructor, Composer) is a world famous tap dance artist. She has emerged as one of the new leaders in the art form of tap dance having performed, choreographed and taught in over 40 countries.

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Sarah, a Los Angeles native, has become one of the art form’s pop culture ambassadors, thanks to her appearances in videos and tours with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. Their videos featuring Sarah have garnered millions of views on YouTube, all receiving rave reviews. Sarah is developing new and exciting works with her company, Tap Music Productions, including her debut tap jazz album titled New Change. This album is first of its kind, with original songs composed from percussive tap rhythms and played by a great selection of musicians to create a unique sound. The album debuted at #3 on the iTunes jazz charts with much acclaim. Sarah is quoted in an interview for Dance Magazine, “I want to continue to bring tap into mass media, with great respect and quality. Reprogramming the minds of the general public on their perception of tap dance”.


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Musician, Songwriter, Performer, actor and Composer. Casey is a long-timer member of the Postmodern Jukebox Collective and former American Idol Finalist. Casey has made four albums to date: “Casey Abrams”, “Casey Abrams and The Gingerbread Band”, “Casey Abrams Live, Put a Spell on You”, and “Casey Abrams Jazz”. Casey was a featured actor in the dark comedy Love and Debt.

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Abrams appeared on several YouTube videos with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and toured with them in Europe. by Haley Reinhart, and “Never Knew What Love Can Do”, a duet with Reinhart.