Festival & Concert Art


Art by ©Sam, ©Antonio Henaine and other Artists.


Art by ©Sam

Sam Hernández
| Visual Artist

Over 25 years of experience as an artist, illustrator, designer, and cartoonist, Sam has made brushes and colors that have discovered the hidden glances musicians and artists from the most diverse nature. Always in love by the rhythm syncopated, passionate radiant color and sound art enthusiast, the art portrays consummate glories that managers movement independent music of our country, all under the sharp eye of a observer born addicted to the smells of jazz and gestures wine, both provocateurs of vibrant emotions.
Sam currently has more than 300 paintings by different artists, of various genres but especially jazz. Magazines Illustrations: Rolling Stone, Playboy, MAX, Music: Life. and many others.

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Record Labels:
CD ART Sony BMG, Warner Music and Prodisc.
Official Image of Festivals and Exhibitions:
Sound; Check Xpo, World Trade Center, Mexico DF 2008 and 2012. International Jazz & Blues Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato for seven consecutive years. 2007-2021.
Exhibition Gallery:
– Rivera Maya Jazz Festival and personally delivers the caricature the artists invited to the festival for three consecutive years since the 2012-2014.
– Baritone Jazz Club, Edo. In Mexico, April-July 2013.
– New Orleans Jazz Club, Mexico DF, August 2013 to date.
– Mosher, Querétaro, January 2019