November 18th | 2023

Lucy Wijnands | USA


Lucy Wijnands en San Miguel Jazz Festival 2023

Something Awaits” is the debut album of Lucy Wijnands. Recorded in the stillness of the pandemic, just after Lucy graduated from college, the music of “Something Awaits” represents the singer’s navigation through a bewildering time of creative interruption then explosion, transforming despair into hope, surrendering to the unknown, and trusting what is to eat. In the end, it captures the essential tension of making art, which Lucy describes as “being lost and found all at once.”
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The six-track album features a composition by her father de ella (a stride piano master) titled, “Always and Forever,” with Lucy’s original lyrics, and two other originals by her de ella and bassist Omer Avital. The three remaining cuts are an eclectic mix of well-loved, but less-expected tunes from outside the jazz canon. What awaited Lucy was a timely move from sought-after guest artist on others’ albums to independent creator with her own distinct and mature vision of her, worthy of her own spotlight of her. What awaits the listener is a remarkably rich but thoroughly youthful voice that gives lyrics a most enchanting place to dwell. “Something Awaits” was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, New York, at Vibromonk by recording engineer Dany Shatzky. It was mastered by Cam Perridge. “Something Awaits” is on all streaming platforms and is available for download on amazon music. 

November 15th | 2023

Bret Primack | United States

BRET PRIMACK en el San Miguel Jazz Festival 2023

A graduate of NYU Film School where he studied with Martin Scorsese, Bret Primack worked in documentaries before he became a music journalist. In addition to hundreds of articles and interviews, Bret has written liner notes for McCoy Tyner, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Lovano, and many others. Bret has been at the forefront of new media since he co-founded Jazz Central Station, the first Jazz website, in 1994. When YouTube debuted in 2006, he began posting video as the Jazz Video Guy. Now, with fourteen hundred and fifty videos online garnering thirty million views. Bret has the largest YouTube channel devoted to Jazz. In addition to social media platforms, where he shares videos, interviews and content related to jazz musicians, presentations and events.

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Primack’s work often includes interviews with jazz legends, coverage of jazz festivals, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of jazz. He is dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of jazz through multimedia storytelling and has contributed significantly to the online jazz community. His nickname, the “Jazz Video Guy,” reflects his expertise in creating and sharing video content related to jazz music and his passion for promoting the genre to a wider audience.


November 16th | 2023

Craig Caffall | United States

Craig Caffall

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Craig Caffall has been involved with music literally since the age of 9 when he began as a drummer in Mexico for a school band. Almost 45 years later he continues to dazzle audiences with his showmanship and vocal talent unsurpassed by many music and bands. Born in the Bay Area and growing up in the United States and Mexico, this bi-cultured musician wows them in both English and Spanish. 

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Caffall’s career has paired him up with some notable artists including Bo Diddley, John Mayall, Martha Davis and the Motels, David Clayton Thomas, Cyril & Charles Neville (Neville Bros.), Lee Oskar, Dan Hicks, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Wier, and Steve Earle, just to name a few. Caffall has been residing for the last 18 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and most recently has been playing guitar with legendary singer Maria Muldaur for the past fourteen years, touring throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Japan.

Caffall has also been playing and touring with Shana Morrison (daughter of Van Morrison) for the past four years, here in the Bay Area and venues up and down the west coast. Caffall signed with Marin’s own GRA label ( and released his second CD entitled “Hold Me Up” which was taken from the Big Train sessions. 

In 2012 Caffall released 3 albums. In January Caffall released the CD, CCB “That’s When You Got It Made”. He produced an album for folk singer Buffy Ford Stewart (wife of songwriter John Stewart from the Kingston Trio). And with Maria Muldaur on her “Christmas At The Oasis” release where he plays on the title track. 

More recently CCB released “Got It Covered” from the bands cover set list. “Songs that everybody knows but CCB makes them their own” says Caffall proudly. CCB just released a new CD of new songs penned by Caffall entitled “Turns To The Blues”, his fourth album in the past six years. CCB has been playing venues around the Bay Area, up and down the coast and around the country and Mexico for the past 16 years.

November 17th | 2023

F-Mack | Haiti

F-Mack en el San Miguel Jazz Festival 2023

F-MACK is a singer/songwriter and performer in R&B, Jazz, Gospel and Pop. with advanced education in Classical and Jazz, FMACK made his professional debut in 2012 at the International Jazz Festival in Haiti. Recently performed in a summer residency at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, F- MACK has also performed at Vive Latino and Bahidora music festivals . 

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In 2020 he was a semifinalist in La Voz on TV Azteca, sparking industry interest from fashion and beauty brands for his striking and highly editorial appearance. A debut EP is slated for early 2023 release. 

November 19th | 2023

Tenoch Niño de Rivera | Mexico

Tenoch Niño de Rivera en San Miguel Jazz Festival 2023

Tenoch Niño de Rivera is a jazz and blues singer from Mexico City. Semifinalist of the reality show “The voice” Mexico 2019. He has played with Joe D’tiene’s big band and his own project “the crack band” among other musicians with great experience, in Many jazz clubs.

Antonio Lozoya | Bass


He was born in Mexico City, bassist with a bachelor Jazz Degree; educator, producer, promoter, arranger and composer. He has performed at various Festivals in Mexico, Cuba and the United States, accompanying prominent personalities such as: Dave Pike, Paul McCandless, Othello Molineaux, Lila Downs, Magos Herrera, Karrin Allison, Art Lande, Erik Alexander, Sarah Reich, among others.

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In 1996 he began collaborating in the San Miguel de Allende International Jazz Festival in various areas such as: musician, director of the educational area, musical director and producer. In 2006, with Teresa Urtusástegui they reactivated the International Jazz Festival and added the Blues style, taking charge of its general direction. Since then he has produced several concerts inviting the participation of prominent figures from the Jazz and Blues scene such as: Joey Calderazzo Trio, Antonio Sánchez Trio, Tuck and Patti, Betsy Pecanins, Magos Herrera, Sarah Reich (Postmodern Jukebox), Karrin Allison, David Sanchez Quartet, Peter Bernstein Jazz Quartet, among others. He has produced several concerts with his group “San Miguel Jazz Cats” at the International Cervantino Festival and in various locations in the country. For ten years he has performed concerts as a musician and musical director, presenting different musical proposals related to jazz and blues. Beneficiary of the Scenic Creators with Trajectory Program, 2014-2017 of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts.